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Triumphs Of The Olympians EP: Free Download

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Blow Up Trophy

We're in the Olympic mood here at Blow Up HQ, and have compiled a 4 track EP of appropriately titled tracks.

...Yes its the 'Triumphs Of The Olympians EP' featuring The Bongolian, Big Boss Man (who have already dedicated title track to Wiggo), Neon Plastix and SILVERY. AND it's free for a very limited time from ...spread the word!

Silvery 'The Nishikado E.P.' with brand new tracks - out now!

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Silvery - the 'The Nishikado EP' (Blow Up) featuring brand new tracks - out now from all fine purveyors of digital sounds…

"Silvery have produced a tribute to the one and only Toshihiro Nishikado to whom we give gratitude for the remarkable invention that it is Space Invaders - those little critters everyone knows and loves. With wild synth riffs and vocals resembling David Bowie, Silvery suck you in to the unrestrained indie madness. Identity and Murder Holes continue the fairground theme, with unruly synth sections distinguishing Silvery from current and past indie bands." KRUGER

"Wow. Take a deep breath before you enter the crazy world of Silvery. The grandiose circus music of The Nishikado takes you on a whirlwind with its relentless and spiralling organs. The cacophony of different sounds can all get a bit confusing, until the chorus when the glorious mess seems to find it's way. The furious pace of the EP will have you bouncing off the walls and collapsed in an exhausted heap in the corner by the end. In the words of me Dad, "What a bloody racket." But an utterly exhilarating racket, it has to be said." ARTROCKER RECOMMENDS

Give A Little Love by SILVERY - download now!!

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Silvery 'You Give A Little Love'

Ladies and gentlemen we present you the perfect antidote to all the current doom and gloom… We give you…

Silvery performing a brand new recording of You Give A Little Love, a cover version of the Paul Williams song as featured in the musical Bugsy Malone. The song has often featured in the Silvery live set and the band thought it was high time to put a studio version down.

This track is not included on their fabulous debut album Thunderer & Excelsior, but will is downloadable from all reputable purveyors of digital phonograms and just in time for Christmas! ….Its time to party like its 1929!!!

Silvery 'ACTION FORCE'/'THE NOD' - now available for download!

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After weeks of plays on BBC Radio (Lamacq, Riley, Lamarr, Crowley, Radcliffe & Maconie) and both BBC Radio 1 and BBC 6 Music live sessions, Silvery release their third single 'Action Force', taken from their debut album 'Thunderer & Excelsior'.

The double A-side is 'The Nod', a new non-album exclusive recording of a live favourite. Its the perfect showcase for their unique and riotous Victoriana inspired sound and a worldview that suggests a heady concoction of British Sea Power through a filter of Sparks, Bowie, XTC and Blur at their punky fairground best.

'Action Force is my favourite rapid-fire, jerky pop song of the year' Steve Lamacq (BBC Blog)

'Tumble-dried Blur melting Sparks into liquid pop' What's On The NME Stereo?