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Making of Big Boss Man's 'Last Man Man On Earth' Video

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Big Boss Man Marcus Way Zombie 2 Big Boss Man Marcus Way Zombie 3
Big Boss Man Marcus Way Zombie

Ahead of the release of their fourth album (September 1st 2014 on Blow Up) Big Boss Man have been busy filming two new videos in Bristol. The first, and album title track 'Last Man On Earth', sees the band as never before as (almost) unrecogniseable mod zombies stalking the streets of post-apocalyptic Bristol with a cameo from guest vocalist Princess Freesia. Director and photographer Marcus Way takes us behind the scenes...

The new Big Boss Man video for Last Man on Earth concept was born from an idea created by the band, after discussing the details and the feel of the track, a post apocalyptic/mod zombie theme was decided.

We had some simple webcam footage from Princess Freesia recorded and sent from Australia, for the vocal track which was to be inserted into a retro TV set in a 60's style room shot on location in a vintage furnishing warehouse in Bristol, now for some zombie action.

After a couple of hours of the band tearing up and dusting down their best mod zombie threads and attempting to poke scary contact lenses into their eyeballs, Scott, Nass, Des and Trev, in full undead garb, hauled musical instruments down disused railway tracks to an area of heavily graffitied warehouses in South Bristol. I directed them to distort their reanimated corpses as people went past on their evening runs and walks with their dogs. The Big Boss Men played the part wonderfully shaking heads and dragging feet like the crazed living dead they were.

To complete the changeover we needed an extra scene to take us from the relative comfort of our suburban house out into the streets crawling with the undead, I devised an old style news report with actor Mike Bidmead, the TV crackles into an important news report that takes precedence over the original programming. The song stops and all eyes and ears turn to the TV to hear of the horror!

To complete the feel of change and shutdown I shot the full moon passing through the night, time lapses of boiling, moody, cloud filled skies and a series of time lapses of Oxalis triangularis (Love Plant/False Shamrock) closing down.

The final scene has the gang of rotting zombies sensing the viewer and moving toward them preparing to tuck in! The very final shot is a 7 hour, night to day time lapse overlooking Bristol, the final moments, life rushing before your eyes before you slip away, only to return as something abominable.

As always it was a pleasure to work with Big Boss Man and I believe we have created something with just the right balance of horror and kitsch to entertain!

Check out the final video for 'Last Man On Earth' here • Stills courtesy of Marcus Way at

'Toire De' Baltic Fleet live featuring Public Service Broadcasting

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Just uploaded this week - Baltic Fleet performing 'Toire De' from his new album 'Towers' back in May at Village Underground joined onstage by Public Service Broadcasting (Baltic Fleet's Paul Fleming later joined PSB for their last number 'Everest'). The sold-out show was supporting Public Service Broadcasting and they'll be playing with them again at Hebden Bridge Trade Club on June 22nd.

Baltic Fleet at Village Underground with Public Service Broadcasting

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Baltic Fleet performing new single 'The Wilds' (with a nod to Daft Punk) live at the Village Underground last month on. The sold-out show was supporting Public Service Broadcasting and they'll be playing with them again at Hebden Bridge Trade Club on June 22nd.

You can check out photos from the show on Flickr. If you have any photos yourself you can add them to the Baltic Fleet Flickr group here.

Baltic Fleet Village Underground

'Leaving For A Day' brand new Mockingbird, Wish Me Luck single

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Finally! A brand new single from Swedish indie-pop 8-piece Mockingbird, Wish Me Luck. 'Leaving For A Day' will be taken from a new edition of their debut album 'Days Come and Go' which will shortly be rereleased in an expanded form to include additional tracks. 

The video is a compilation of footage filmed during the bands last visit to the UK, including a Rough Trade East in-store, an appearance at Dot-To-Dot Festival Bristol, a support slot with Camera Obscura at King's College, a show at the Blow Up Metro Club on Oxford Street and an acoustic session at the V&A.

Read more: Mockingbird, Wish Me Luck / Facebook / Twitter
Buy single on iTunes

David Lindup 'The Zodiac' spotted in new Fiat 500 Colour Therapy Ad: Exclusive Blend Volume 1

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'The Zodiac' by David Lindup featured on Blow Up presents Exclusive Blend Volume 1 and originally from the KPM music library spotted in new UK Fiat 500 ad 'Colour Therapy'. Read more about the Exclusive Blend Series here. Volume 1 is avialble on CD, LP and digital here.

Bongos For Beatniks - 4th Bongolian album out now

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The Bongolian 'Bongos For Beatniks' Sampler

I love this new album. I've be playing this quite a bit and I'm going to play it to death, its absolutely brilliant. …Its official. The bongolian. My new favourite band. You heard it here first Craig Charles Funk Soul Show

AVAILABLE NOW from BLOW UP on CD: Pre-Order 'Bongos For Beatniks' on CD  & VINYL: Pre-Order 'Bongos For Beatniks' on LP

& all good stores including: Cargo Collective store around the UK / JBs / Dusty Groove (USA) / Norman / Phonica / Piccadilly / Rough Trade / Sister Ray / Sounds Of The Universe / / hmv & more…

BUY/DOWNLOAD all 4 Bongolian albums from: The Bongolian on iTunes The Bongolian on Amazon UK The Bongolian on Amazon US The Bongolian on Napster

Neon Plastix ‘Gentlemen’s Gold’ in US advert for ’33 by ASICS™’

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Neon Plastix 'Gentlemen's Gold'

'Gentlemen's Gold' from Doncaster's finest Neon Plastix has been used in a new US TV ad for ASICS new '33' range entitled 'Gravity, Meet Your Archenemy'. Click the image to view on youTUBE or connect / listen below...

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Neon Plastix ‘Neon Invasion’ in The Dilemma Movie

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Neon Plastix 'On Fire' Live at KOKO

'Neon Invasion' from Doncaster's finest Neon Plastix features on the soundtrack for the new Ron Howard film The Dilemma featuring Vince Vaughn. It's taken from their 2010 debut Awesome Moves. Here's an old clip we found from back in 2006 live at Club NME @ KOKO.

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