He Plays Like A Disease


  1. He Plays Like A Disease
  2. Pit Stop
  3. i = Cool
Cat. No: BU007
UK Release Date: 12 August 1996
Formats: Ltd. 7"
Status: Limited Stock

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About This Release

VA6 was an offshoot from the original line-up of Add N to X featuring Andrew Aveling.

Released in 1996, this limited seven-inch only single was the only output by VA6, and will appeal to both Add n to X fans, and collectors alike. The sound takes it's cues from the experimental electronic sounds of Vero Electronics (BU004) but with more of a Rock'n'Roll edge (Velvet Undergound), and unlike 'Vero Electronics' has vocals on all tracks.

For fans of: Kraftwerk, Throbbing Gristle, Stockhausen, Suicide, Krautrock, Early Human League, Experimental Electronica, Rock 'N' Roll, Velvet Underground, The Fall