Review Blow Up Exclusive Blend Volume 2 Review Blow Up Exclusive Blend Volume 2

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Author : F. B. Hawkes

The second compilation from Blow Up, the top Swinging Sixties club night, features more groovy instrumentals from their dancefloor. Vol 2 takes the listener into the twilight zone of the unknown session man. These recordings return to the vaults of KPM, introducing the DeWolfe, Amphonic and Sylvester music libraries. The music on Vol 2 was recorded between 1968 and 1974 and was originally used by production companies for TV themes and incidental music. The tracks were rediscovered through visits to second-hand record stores and the libraries’ archives; many of them have been made available for the first time. Track listings include original descriptions from the original sleeves: “Wild Elephants”–‘Medium fast tempo, repetitive theme’; “Funky Fanfare”–‘Organ & rhythm section’

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