Rough Trade Albums Of The Month Baltic Fleet Towers

Rough Trade Albums Of The Month Baltic Fleet Towers

Media title : Rough Trade

Blow Up Records

A collective of musicians and friends centred around Echo And The Bunnymen keyboard player Paul Fleming, who started recording his own music with other members of the Bunnymen, his laptop and further outside assistance during downtime on a world tour.

Employing a similarly expert handling of analogue synths, guitars and a deft blend
of programmed and live drums, Fleming’s second opus is a distinctly rooted affair,
somehow channelling the cinematic backdrop of northern industry into his
beautifully crafted music.

A deeply emotional experience as well as a cerebral one, Fleming has upped the ante on an already stellar debut, creating an album that communicates the harshness, scope and yet the warmth and tenderness of landscape and a sense of place.

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