The Mix Albums Big Boss Man Humanize

The Mix Albums Big Boss Man Humanize

Media title : The Mix

Author : Phil Strongman

ig Boss Man are a Hammond-driven band who’ve just touredEurope after becoming the toastof London’s Wag Club where BlowUp is the long-running Saturdaynight. This, their debut, was cutlive in the studio – bar the oddoverdub – and the energy comesbursting through in a surgingsound that takes a pinch of OceanColour Scene, drops in a dash ofpsychedelic mod-funk-jazz andgets seasoned with the merestsprinkle of Madness. Drummer,Hammond-player and vocalistfrontman Nazz throws in excellentperformances throughout,performances that have beenwell-recorded by acid jazz veteranPelanconi in supa-soul-sure-shotmode. Get human. •

Verdict: Listen to the Boss,man…


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