What’s On Albums Big Boss Man Humanize

What's On Albums Big Boss Man Humanize

Media title : What's On

Author : John Coleman

BM exist outside the normal popstratosphere, pulling in influencesfrom mid 60s soul and the funky endof ’60s beat. The title track, with bigand funky fatback-drums is likeBooker T and The MGs on acid, while’Big Boss Man’ is early Who collidingwith the Doors in a battle of thegrooves – and you, the funky organlover are the winner. The wonderfullytitled ‘Don’t You tell My Missus’ is oneof the most infectious tracks of theyear and begs the question: AreHammond C3s actually better thansex? The stax soul-funk of ‘SeaGroove’ manages to crowbar in a bitof the Average White Band while noone’s looking. Although the retroinfluences are there in abundance,Humanize sounds a lot fresher thanmuch of dance music’s currentoutput. Let the orgasmic organs, tastytambourines, funky guitars and breakbeats sex you up. Music to make yourhead explode with joy.

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