AllMusic Album Reviews Stereo Total Yéyé Existentialiste

AllMusic Album Reviews Stereo Total Yéyé Existentialiste

Media title : AllMusic

Author : Heather Phares


Celebrating over two decades of Stereo TotalYéyé Existentialiste collects remastered highlights from the duo’s body of work. Spanning 1995’s Oh Ah! to 2012’s Cactus vs. Brezel, the set reflects just how multifaceted Françoise Cactus and Brezel Göring‘s brand of sophisticated kitsch is: “Comme un Garçon” and “Partir ou Mourir” capture their punky, freewheeling side, “Do the Bambi” and “Les Minets” exemplify their poignant moments, and “Wir Tanzen im 4-eck” and “L’Amour à Trois” define their sleek and sexy synth pop. The collection also includes some of Stereo Total‘s infamous covers, which end up highlighting the uniqueness of Göring and Cactus‘ voices whether they’re reworking David Bowie orHot Chocolate. The duo has such a bountiful catalog that even this set can’t contain all of Stereo Total‘s standout tracks, but Yéyé Existentialiste is still fairly comprehensive and very entertaining.

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