Get Into This Unknown Pleasures 45 Fay Hallam Corona

Get Into This Unknown Pleasures 45 Fay Hallam Corona

Media title : Get Into This

Author : Patrick Clarke


Finally, as we all know,bossa nova and Portishead are the two greatest achievements in the history of recorded sound, it’s what Thomas Edison had in mind… probably, and on Sey Mi Ami the first track to appear from Wolverhampton-born now Medway-based Fa y Ha llam‘s new solo album Corona, there’s flavours of both in a sumptuous, stylish instrumental and a commandingly close-quarters vocal that sits in the happiest of mediums between Beth Gibbons and Ast rud Gilberto.

Elsewhere on the record, released in October,Ha llamnets an eclectic intake of style elsewhere.Soul Revolution is a masterpiece of 70s revivalism with pumps of brass and gospel organ,Giving Myself Away flirts with acid-Western, while Let Me into Your Soul is the album’s standout of bassline struts and throwback girl-group backing
vocals. There’s even a cover of Maybe I’m Amazed.

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