Daiquiri Fantomas ‘MHz Invasion’ Rockerilla Album Reviews

Daiquiri Fantomas 'MHz Invasion' Rockerilla Album Reviews

Media title : Rockerilla

Author : Gianluca Polverari

A bizarre piece of work by the Sicilian duo Daiquiri Fantomas, embraced and published by the London-based Blow Up. Marco Barrano and Dario Sanguedolce concoct a “retro-futuristic” world inhabited by kraut-rock reminiscences, by majestic, Pink Floyd-esque intros, by lounge music that would perfectly fit in an orbiting station and by a classy, melodic taste inspired by Morricone at his best. An attitude self-confessed by the duo, in fact, which candidly admit to having such influences in their dna, along with a penchant for vintage sci-fi that also inspired the “cosmic fantasy” on their album cover.


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