Scootering Recommended Listening Big Boss Man

Media title : Scootering

Author : Andy

An infectiously funky introduction to the album, they’ve used
for inspiration and reworked them Triumph of The Olympian kicks off
Big Boss into cool, or cooler, mixing upfront/Mod beat Man’s Full
English Beat Breakfast in great style sounds with samba, classic
Hammond with and as a set opener would have the masses upbeat
handclaps, and they’ve made it work so dancing towards the floor in
front of the stage. well it hurts. That’s hurting your feet as you
We’ve got 14 scorching hot tracks here, mainly dance from beginning
to end. Even the shouts instrumental but there are the occasional
and gentle harmonies they’ve added sparingly lyrics, Black Eye (I
Believed in Love) for in some backgrounds work well. Clown Face
example, but all perfectly executed in a sounds like, well you’ll
know when you hear it, wonderful retro style. If you don’t know Big
but I couldn’t put my finger on it last night, then Boss Man then
think heavy organ, fuzzy guitars, Hairy Mary has the soulful groove
while Farfisa, driving bass, percussion, three cool Slaphead’s
Demise began like The Beatles’
guys and the good times. Yeah… Taxman before going into something
else I can’t
Then there’s the almost cheesy sounding remember and then even
borrowing a lick from 60s/70s film soundtrack numbers, Full
Brazilian, a Madness late album track. But it’s all good I except
they’re not cheesy, they’re groovy baby promise you, and then some.
This is an album because BBM have made them so. Right? And it’s you
most definitely should own and one which true; Trev, Nass and Scot
have worked their other musicians will be jealous of. magic on the
eclectic selection of funky sounds

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