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Camden New Journal Big Boss Man Sea Groove

Classically trained in retro 60s cheesy sounds, this 7″ from Big Boss Man takes us on a trip through the funk universe, makind dutiful use of disco hand-claps, dubby vibes and just about any sound that will get you shakin’ your wig.

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In which the UK Hammond trio dick around with their own maritime moods to winning sample-delic effect. Seven-inch single, out now on BlowUp.

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ig Boss Man are a Hammond-driven band who’ve just touredEurope after becoming the toastof London’s Wag Club where BlowUp is the long-running Saturdaynight. This, their debut, was cutlive in the studio – bar the oddoverdub – and the energy comesbursting through in a surgingsound that takes a pinch of OceanColour Scene, drops in a dash ofpsychedelic mod-funk-jazz andgets seasoned with the merestsprinkle of Madness. Drummer,Hammond-player and vocalistfrontman Nazz throws in excellentperformances throughout,performances that have beenwell-recorded by acid jazz veteranPelanconi in supa-soul-sure-shotmode. Get human. •

Verdict: Listen to the Boss,man…


Hi-Fi Choice Unheard Big Boss Man Humanize

Big Boss Man are a group of youngbloods who exist in the Bermuda Triangle that  exists between Brian Auger, the Spencer Davis Group circa 1968 and the Wag Club now – pulsing Hammonds, crisp drumming and uplifting music that flits between soul jazz, psychedelic boogaloo, real rhythm’n’blues and the odd hint of Madness style ska. All of it, a few long loops aside, was recorded live in 1999 in North London’s funky junk studio and the energy – and musical skill – comes blasting through with Naz’ endearing vocals. Don’t get too hung up on technology, it may well be time to Humanize.

Music 4/5 Sonic 4/5

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Let’s look at the evidence. Thedie-cut sleeve with the Mod targeton it. The B-side is a Version’. Theomnipotent Hammond organ. Thebeat culled from the IncredibleBongo Band. Can you see whatit is yet?It is, to all intents and purposes,and for want of a better definition,a South Coast record, destined tobe played at the Blow Up club in London to audiences who certainlywouldn’t mind if the Who or theSmall Faces were played after it.And surprisingly, given all this, it’spretty darn good. Perhaps analbum of similar fare would driveyou a little mad, but as a 45, this’llsit nicely in any collection.

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