The ltd. debut single and debut album from Mockingbird, Wish Me Luck

Mockingbird, Wish Me Luck
– an 8-piece indie-pop orchestra from Ängelholm, Sweden – release their debut album Days Come and Go on Monday 9th June, preceded by the limited single Pictures (Too Big To Fit In A Sight) on Monday 2nd June (features B-Side not on the album).

Unplugged version of “Pictures (Too Big To Fit In A Sight)”he ltd. debut single and debut album from Mockingbird, Wish Me Luck

Over the last few years, Mockingbird, Wish Me Luck have been recording songs, just a few at a time, describing themselves as “the slowest recording band ever”. Everything has done without any outside help and in the true DIY indie spirit – drums were recorded in their rehearsal room and almost everything else in their parents’ apartment. Despite their admittance that “nobody really knew which buttons to push”, by the time Blow Up Records made contact in early summer 2007, they had quite a collection of songs – both beautiful and unforgettable.

Grand songs, delivered well Stool Pigeon

Short, sweet and perfectly formed Nude

“Gorgeous indie pop. I could listen to this single for months and not tire of it” Swedesplease.net

“Suggests the potential to usurp KoC as Scandinavia’s finest exponents of indiefolk” Kruger

“Lovely, gentle folk inspired indie pop that invokes the idea of Jens Lekman fronting Belle & Sebastian. Simple as that” indieMP3

“A pop album for picnic days and warm nights of dancing with all the windows open” Kitten Painting

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