Add N To X

Debut Release:
January 1996

Blow Up Cat. No.s:


Add N to X: "Moog situationists, pioneers of avant-garde electronica".

The original line-up of Barry Smith, Ann Shenton and Andrew Aveling recorded their debut album for Blow Up as Add N to X in 1996, the name later gaining brackets - Add N to (X) - when they signed to Satellite and then Mute in 1998. Here's how they were originally described at the time of release of Vero Electronics:

The creators (Barry, Andrew and Ann) of this new sound descended from the avant-pop of the sixties moog boom through Suicide, and Kraftwerk with a brief stop off at the Radiophonic Workshop.Not finding a sound they liked being made now they decided to form ADD N TO X, an all electronic band with an ever-changing style of electronica.

ADD N TO X is "Avant Hard". "Avant Hard" is the title for their music a sort of cross between Manic Street Preachers, Suicide, Kraftwerk and Throbbing Gristle. Barry regularly D.J.'s across the London scene whilst Andrew is already well known for his contributions to the infamous Minty and Vittorian Ammastronaut aka VA6.

Add N to X are interested in exploiting interuption and loss in the caophonic malais, revealing schitzophrenic couplings:

"This album hopes to resurrect a long lost genre in electronic music by mixing the classic cinematic sound with a live drummer, seventies drum machines and looped syth descending into the inferno of the avant-garde."



Vero Electronics
BU/BLOWUP004 : CD/Ltd. LP/Digital
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