Lucky 15

Debut Release:
April 1997

Blow Up Cat. No.s:
BU009, BU008

"Swathes of climactic Hollywood choirs and jiving double basses nestle up with the latest gurgling synths and fizzing electronic rhythms. Future lounge funk from the fifth dimension" Mixmag

"Quirky, satisfying easy/dance sounds" Music Week

"Industrial cocktail music. An intriguing, entertaining experience" Time Out


'Lucky 15' are: Shint.T, Yoshi Y, and Lola. J, backed by 'The International Playboys' - Brother Jules and Cerise Longue.

This London based trio hailing from Japan and the UK created digital hardcore cinematica, a combination of symphonic arrangements and sultry vocals merged with heavy dance beats. Influenced by such artists as Debussy, Serge Gainsbourg and the KLF, Lucky 15 incorporate psueudo-classical ideas with authenticity, not parody. The result is an exhilarating, eclectic mix of lusciously designed pop music.

Yoshiko and Lisa have also recorded an album with the inimitable Phillipe Katerine in Paris titled Les soeurs Winchester chantent Katerine, released on Rosebud Records. Shintaro has contributed a track which also features Momus to tribute album to Antonio Carlos Jobim with another a French label Les Belles Promises, featuring artists including Ray Wonder, Pizzicato 5 and Bertrand Burgalat.



Colour Code White
BU009 : CD/Ltd. LP/Digital

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