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Lucky 15

  1. Medication Through Resonance
  2. Terge
  3. Stereo 1-5
  4. Monkey Magic
  5. Blue
  6. Snowflakes In Hawaii
Cat. No: BU009
UK Release Date: 16 June 1997
Formats: CD / Ltd. LP / Digital
Status: Out Now

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"Swathes of climactic Hollywood choirs and jiving double basses nestle up with the latest gurgling synths and fizzing electronic rhythms. Future lounge funk from the fifth dimension" MIXMAG

"Quirky, satisfying easy/dance sounds" MUSIC WEEK

"Industrial cocktail music. An intriguing, entertaining experience" TIME OUT

About This Release

This London based trio hailing from Japan and UK create 'Digital-Hard-Core-Cinematica', a combination of symphonic arrangements, sultry vocals, merged with heavy dance beats. Influenced by such artists by Debussy, Serge Gainsbourg, Madonna, and KLF, Lucky 15 incorporate pseudo-classical ideas with authenticity without parody. The result is an exhilarating, eclectic mix of lusciously designed pop music.


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