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Swedesplease.net Album Reviews Mockingbird Wish Me Luck Days Come And Go

Ah, the one day break did me some good. I’m excited to share with you the first single off of Mockingbird, wish me luck’s upcoming debut record. Mockingbird comes to us out of the ashes of the band Sibyl Vane. The lineup is loose, but contains brothers Niklas and Daniel Wennergreen. This is gorgeous indie pop with embellishments of flute, cello and lovely background vocals. The lyrics are sincere but not obvious. I have a feeling I could listen to this single for months and not tire of it.” The new record is out April 14 on London’s Blow Up Records.

Organ Magazine Baltic Fleet

BALTIC FLEET – Baltic Fleet (Blow Up) – Sometimes something just feels right, Baltic Fleet is Paul Fleming’s project – Paul Fleming is current keyboard player with Echo And The Bunnymen and this album was recorded in hotel rooms, during sound-checks and
grabbed moments here on found pianos in dressing rooms there during a world tour. Instrumental interpretations of visited cities and chance meetings. Track two – Black Lounge -was recorded on a tour bus driving through mountains from Barcalona to Madrid for instance, 3 Dollar Dress in a Houston sound check after a night out in Austin Texas – you don’t really need to know the circumstance though, you just need to sit back and let it flow and let the relaxed beauty take you with it. Touches on Neu, bits of Eno or OMD or Doves or Sigur Ros and yes those bits of guitar did sound distinctly
like the Bunnymen well before the sleeve notes were checked and Will Sargent’s name was spied here and there. This is just a great album – pleasant, refined, relaxing, reflective – fine fine soundscapes and passages and although we dropped a few names, nothing that obviously sounds like anyone or anything else. Just a really
pleasant and rather beautiful relaxing uncomplicated uncluttered and rather recommended instrumental album –

FACT Recommended Baltic Fleet

(BLOW UP) Echo & the Bunnymen keyboardist Paul Fleming debuts an electronic
albums that’s pits itself mid-point between DJ Shadow, Gang of Four and Neu!

Word Album Review Thunderer & Excelsior

“Splenetic, frenetic, kinetic: Russell Mael with a pencil in the eye In a world where Sparks are back and cool again, it seems only right that their sound should find a spiritual home with a new band. If that new band go beyond that sound, then so much the more ace. Silvery’s singles Horrors and Devil In The Detail sound a lot like early Mael brothers filtered through the new wave, but there’s a modern chunkiness about them too -like some kind of homosexual Arctic Monkeys, which would be so much more fun than the real thing. Songs run around like they’ve been stabbed in the eye with a pencil, pianos tinkle like Steve Harley over Devo melodies. The Nishikado resembles Suede’s entire career in three minutes, while humour, hysteria and bad ska riffs are never far way. Some may find this album exhausting; some may find it derivative. I find it those things too, but I also find it exciting, forceful, intelligent, and on all the time,”

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