Awesome Moves

Neon Plastix

Cat. No: BU054
UK release date: 05/10/2010
Formats: CD, DIGITAL
Status: Out Now
  1. Halfway To Love
  2. On Fire
  3. Gentlemen’s Gold
  4. 18-30’s
  5. Electricity
  6. Death To Disco
  7. Dream
  8. Prick Tease
  9. Fashion Icon
  10. What’s So Funny?
  11. Neon Invasion
  12. Indecisions






Neon Plastix release their long awaited Debut LP “Awesome Moves” after taking what seems like one hell of a siesta. From Doncaster, Neon Plastix have achieved a cult following both in the UK, Europe and USA, despite having only released 2 singles to date (Neon Invasion/Prick Tease, On Fire/Dream), even securing deals with E.A Games ‘Need For Speed’ and Sony Eriksson for use of their music. Neon Plastix have played multitudes of dates across Europe, including a spot at Glastonbury. After they declared an inevitable hiatus whilst some members finished college courses and such, the band have woke up and rubbed their eyes, dusted themselves down and are ready to release their debut album “Awesome Moves”

Neon Plastix look a little more like a band made up from children’s photo-fit illustrations rather than the next cool kids on the block, and they certainly don’t stray too far with their Manifesto. Spending more time writing happy accidents than leaning on walls, chewing gum all slack jawed, name dropping every cool band that’s dead and gone as an influence. These guys don’t seem to “do” serious, they’ve even been known to take exercise equipment on stage with them asking random people in the audience to get up and work out mid performance. “It should all be about having fun, we’re not the type of band who can deliver thoughtful and profound messages, we’re just about grabbing hold of a few minutes here and there and having as much fun with what you have”



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