Blow Up Presents Exclusive Blend Volume 2

Cat. No: BU011
UK release date: 01/12/1997
Status: Out Now
  1. Blow Up A-Go-Go! James Clarke
  2. Soul Skimmer Alan Moorhouse
  3. Underlay No.3 J. Trombey
  4. Powerboat Alan Hawkshaw
  5. Close Shave Keith Mansfield
  6. Boss Man Alan Moorhouse
  7. Lucky Seven Sydney Dale
  8. Heavy Bopper Alan Moorhouse
  9. Funky Fanfare Keith Mansfield
  10. Trip Wire N. Ingman
  11. Second Cut James Clarke
  12. Bora S. Haseley
  13. Teenage Chase Keith Mansfield
  14. Fast Back Keith Mansfield
  15. This Way Up J. Hawksworth
  16. Raggers C. Vascori
  17. Cult And Colour Lee Mason
  18. New Project J. Reids



Reissue of Volume 2 from the classic groundbreaking Blow Up presents Exclusive Blend music library series sees Paul Tunkin, DJ & founder of legendary Blow Up club, entering the vaults of De Wolfe, Amphonic and once again KPM. As with a bulk of Exclusive Blend 1, many of these tracks were receiving their first commercial airing on this album’s release. Released in 1997, the album also introduced James Clarke’s Wild Elephants to the world, which was subsequently picked up by Gap and used on the 1999 ‘Khaki A Go-Go’ worldwide campaign. As a thankyou from the writer it was re-titled ‘Blow Up A-Go-Go!’ and became the title track for the successful V2 / Blow Up compilation ‘Blow Up A-Go-Go! Dancefloor Classics from The Legendary Blow Up Club’. This album includes tracks from many great music library theme writers including Keith Mansfield, Alan Hawkshaw and Syd Dale, and includes the Alan Moorhouse Hammond heavy classic ‘Soul Skimmer’ and the spaced out tribal funk of Nick Ingman’s ‘Tripwire’. Long due for a reissue, Volume 2 has been unavailable for several years fetching up to £100 on eBay!

Blow Up presents Exclusive Blend Volume 2 has received much international recognition with DJs, collectors and plain old music lovers alike, introducing many to the twilight world of the unknown session man just doing his thang. Like it’s predecessor this album has gained a loyal cult following and was continually repressed after it’s original release. It remains a ground-breaking introduction to the world of the music library, the second in a series reflecting the diverse music that can be heard at London’s legendary Blow Up club.

Sleeve Notes

“So here we are with round two of the ‘Exclusive Blend’ series – a journey into the twilight zone of the session man. These recordings return to the vaults of KPM and introduce the De Wolfe, Amphonic and Sylvester music libraries. The music included in this compilation was recorded between 1968 and1974 and was originally used by production companies for TV themes and incidental music. The tracks were gradually rediscovered through visits to second hand record stores and the libraries’ own archives and hove become firm favorites on the Blow Up club nights. ‘Exclusive Blend Vol.2’ makes many of these track commercially available for the first time. I hope you hove as much fun listening to this album as I had compiling it.”
Paul Tunkin, August 1997

“I have been delighted to see several of my pieces written in the 1970’s appearing on a variety of compilations including Blow Up’s Exclusive Blend Volumes 1 and 2. The revival in the nineties of music from this era has proved to be one of those glitches in the music business, thereby emphasizing its unpredictability, but at the same time confirming that good music lasts.”
Alan Hawkshaw



“More excellent stuff from the Blow Up label.”

Time Out

“18 tracks of cool, punchy rarities from 1968-74 here, all funkier than the Bullitt theme on heat. Dance music for Get Carter fans.”


“Hipper-than-hip selection of TV/film library music from the Mod-ish Blow Up crowd. Not so much Easy Listening as Easy To Dance To”



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