Vero Electronics

Add N To X

  1. Inevitable Fast Access
  2. A Silhouette Of A Man And A Wasp
  3. Meeting In Compact Boxes
  4. A Very Uncomfortable Status (Wet Disco)
  5. Inevitable Fast Access (Sleeze)
  6. A Very Uncomfortable Status (Mathematical) *CD only
  7. Aphine Repetition *CD only
Cat. No: BU/BLOWUP004
UK Release Date: 29 January 1996
Formats: CD / Ltd. LP / Digital
Status: Limited Stock

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"Conceivably the Romo Kraftwerk. [This] entirely instrumental mini-LP is the sound of a fax machine having sex with a car alarm. Sounds warm up and wind down like ancient machines. And ancient machines is what we're hearing, but the effect, paradoxically, is sheer sci-fi phuture-shock." Melody Maker

"The album recorded on 8-track for that special f/x, has tones of Kraftwerk, Nine Inch Nails, Throbbing Gristle and Stockhausen in places. If you like your moogs a little on the hard side, this one's for you..." Splash Newzine

About This Release

Recorded in 1995 and released in early 1996, this was the debut album of Add N to X featuring original members Barry Smith, Anne Shenton and Andrew Averling. Add N to X signed to Blow Up for this one-off release in the Summer of 1995. The band split from Andrew Averling a few months after this release, recruiting new member Steve Clayton and going on to record for Satellite and then two albums for Mute. Vero Electronics is a must for collectors of the band, showing them in their full uncompromising glory, and serves as a great introduction to the band's early sound.  On seven-track CD and six-track vinyl, and the first pressing of the LP sold out in the first week of release.  Tracks from this album have been used in underground films, soundtracks and on TV.

Add N to X described themselves as Moog situationists, pioneers of avant-garde electronica: "this album hopes to resurrect a long lost genre in electronic music by mixing the classic cinematic sound with a live drummer, seventies drum machines and looped synths descending into the inferno of the avant-garde." Increasingly prolific since 1996, the band have featured in magazines such as The Wire, N.M.E, The Face and Sleaze Nation.


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