MHz Invasion

Daiquiri Fantomas

  1. MHz Jingle #1
  2. Praeludium
  3. Logarhythm (1)
  4. Moon Raga (1) Single Version
  5. MHz Jingle #2
  6. MHz Invasion
  7. Voronoi's Dream
  8. Moogchile
  9. Kármán's Line
  10. Moon Raga (2) Album Version
  11. Logarhythm Alt. Version
Cat. No: BU078
UK Release Date: 12 August 2013
Formats: CD / Digital
Status: Out Now

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"A fascinating combination of sounds and ideas, drawing from the last half-century of electronic music" SHINDIG!

"Like John Barry who's just taken delivery of a new Moog. Very filmic" RADCLIFFE & MACONIE, BBC 6MUSIC (Moogchile)

"John Barry-in-space" AllMusic

About This Release

'MHz Invasion' is the debut album from Sicilian experimental Avant-Pop duo Marco Barrano and Dario Sanguedolce founded in 2010, aka Daiquiri Fantomas.

They are indeed a cocktail of ideas, breathing life into the most diverse sound architectures by boldly experimenting with acoustic instruments and vintage electronics crossed over with new technologies. The whole sound has a distinctive "retro-futuristic" flavour, giving a nod both to the '60s/70s (Prog, Sci-Fi movie soundtracks & Kosmische) and later adapters Stereolab and Broadcast. 

For fans of Stereolab, Broadcast, John Barry & a whole lot more....