That Was Now But This Is Then

The Weekenders

Cat. No: BU/BLOWUP005
UK release date: 11/06/1995
Status: Limited Stock
  1. All Grown Up
  2. Househusband
  3. Seems You’ve Missed Sunday
  4. Man Of Leisure
  5. World Of His Own
  6. Inelegantly Wasted In Papa’s Penthouse Pad In Belgravia
  7. Miles Away
  8. Watching The Clock



This mini album was compiled to enable access to The Weekenders’ deleted back catalogue of singles. The band always believed in singles in their own right, and these tracks were never meant to be leaders to an LP. Tracks have been drawn from BU001 ‘All Grown Up’, BU002 ‘Man of Leisure’, BU003 ‘Inelegantly Wasted’ and the Fierce Panda EP ‘Return To Splendour’.

The Weekenders were one of the early Britpop bands on the Camden scene in 1993, and by the time of the release of this compilation had built up quite a fan base. Their third single ‘Inelegantly Wasted’ was Melody Maker Single of the Week (peaking at No.3 in the indie chart). At the time, the band received a fair amount of press, including an NME ‘On’ Feature, and one of the ‘Tips of the Year’ in Melody Maker and several full page features. In 1995 the band sold out London’s 500 capacity The Garage and went on to co-headline The Carling Stage at Reading the same year. Unfortunately due to other commitments, the album proper was never recorded. However, this compilation remains a great record of the early Britpop sound, and despite being originally released as export only with no UK press, it reached No.18 in the Independent Charts. It continues to sell well both here and abroad, especially in Japan, where the band have achieved a cult status.



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