The Bongolian

  1. Agent Hardigs
  2. Del-Ray
  3. Badger Burgess
  4. Sad Curtis
  5. House of Voodoo
  6. 16th Century Troubadour
  7. The Hoodwink
  8. Psyche Yamm
  9. Ferris Wheel
  10. Victoria Park
  11. Soul Caravan
  12. Freddie's Dreaming
  13. Routemaster Ride
Cat. No: BU028
UK Release Date: 13 February 2006
Formats: CD / Ltd. LP / Digital
Status: Out Now

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About This Release

Released in 2005, Blueprint is the second album from The Bongolian. Recorded by Nasser Bouzida AKA The Bongolian at his own studio Ramshackle Studios and mixed by Mike Pelanconi (Prince Fatty) at his Brighton Studio - Mike had previously worked with Nasser as producer for the debut Big Boss Man album 'Humanize'.

Blueprint built on the success and sound of the debut album with a solid set of new songs that underpinned The Bongolian as it began to establish itself as a live act. Containing the Bongolian live favourite Del Ray and a sleeve designed by sometime live drummer for The Bongolian and Medway garage scene legend Bruce Brand.


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