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AllMusic Album Reviews Daiquiri Fantomas MHz Invasion

Daiquiri Fantomas‘ debut shows that the Italian duo know vintage sci-fi soundtracks, prog rock, and Mediterranean-inspired melodies inside and out, and more importantly, can combine them in ways that don’t feel musty. They honor tradition with songs like the swooning, John Barry-in-space “Moogchile” and “Praeludium,” which from its title on down celebrates prog’s intricacy with Emerson, Lake & Palmer-style fanfares, sparkling vistas, and some formidable playing by classically trained keyboardist Dario Sanguedolce. However, the funky undercurrents on songs like the title track and “Logarhythm” — which also boasts a music box and brass interlude — keeps things far from stuffy. Indeed, Daiquiri Fantomas offer a quirkier take on the late-’60s/early-’70s heyday of these sounds than many other revivalists; it’s not every group that offers not one but two jingles reminding listeners what album they’re hearing (“Kármán’s Line,” a reprise of the “MHz Jingle” melody backed by ominous brass, could count as a third). As the jingles suggest, at this point Daiquiri Fantomas are often most accomplished, and most satisfying, on charming miniatures like the 8-bit reverie “Voronoi’s Dream.” They don’t always fare as well on longer tracks like the seven-minute suite “Moon Raga,” which moves from a tabla-driven psychedelic fantasia to bittersweet pop to a circus-like waltz in an intriguing but somewhat awkward progression. On the other hand, the alternate, piano-driven version of the song hints that the duo could have a future in moody pop à laAir. While MHz Invasion‘s best moments focus Daiquiri Fantomas‘ willingness to try anything, all of the duo’s experiments make for a fun if slightly uneven debut.

PopJunkie David Woodcock’s second single – Beggars Can’t Be Choosers – lands

Single of the summer? Well for me that was David Woodcock’s breezy pop gem Same Things, when the Southender re-ignited Estuary Pop with a whirling piano based ditty that landed somewhere in between Ian Dury’s early solo records and the lighter side of Brit Pop.

Well the promised album in the Autumn didn’t arrive, but single number two from Woodcock has landed (500 vinyl versions or the download if you must) and it is yet another gem. Beggars Can’t be Choosers has the same music hall piano of the first record though this time there less of the harmonies and the more obvious pop hooks. It also takes an unexpected, but rather inspired, punk rock detour in the middle too.

The flip Tease, is a slightly more continental song which highlights Woodcock’s Lennon-esque vocals on a song that wouldn’t  sound too out of place on the Beatles’ Mind Games album.

Here’s hoping that the album follows soon.

Twenty Something London Sunday Music Mix by Sofar Sounds Daiquiri Fantomas Moogchile

One of the coolest new electronic acts around. Space suits at the ready

Daiquiri Fantomas 'MHz Invasion' Mucchio Album Reviews

Speaking of eccentricities and quirky stuff: one of the most convincing examples of exotica as of late comes from a Sicilian duo, that no one’s (yet) heard about, called DAIQUIRI FANTOMAS. MHz Invasion, their debut album, is rather delightful, extremely well crafted, never cheap and often enlightening. 7.5/10

Daiquiri Fantomas 'MHz Invasion' Rockerilla Album Reviews

A bizarre piece of work by the Sicilian duo Daiquiri Fantomas, embraced and published by the London-based Blow Up. Marco Barrano and Dario Sanguedolce concoct a “retro-futuristic” world inhabited by kraut-rock reminiscences, by majestic, Pink Floyd-esque intros, by lounge music that would perfectly fit in an orbiting station and by a classy, melodic taste inspired by Morricone at his best. An attitude self-confessed by the duo, in fact, which candidly admit to having such influences in their dna, along with a penchant for vintage sci-fi that also inspired the “cosmic fantasy” on their album cover.


Baltic Fleet 'Towers' MOJO Album Reviews

“Fascinating, soulful electronica from former Bunnymen accomplice.”

GIT Award 2013 Winners Baltic Fleet on Yoko Ono, Royal Festival Hall Liverpool Echo

It’s been almost six months since Baltic Fleet won the GIT Award 2013 and were asked to support Yoko Ono at her Meltdown Festival. Getintothis caught up with main man Paul Fleming for a behind the scenes chat about Yoko, Sean Lennon, playing the Southbank Centre and what the future has in store for the band.

Sound Of Confusion Daiquiri Fantomas Moogchile Single Review

Having been available digitally for a month already, ‘Moogchild’ is given its official UK release this week. The work of Sicilian experimental duo Daiquiri Fantomas, the single is correctly described as Air meets John Barry, with an aftertaste of Broadcast. This is a cosmic, psychedelic, ambient, electronic piece that makes great use of vintage sounds.

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