Days Come And Go

Mockingbird, Wish Me Luck

Cat. No: BU043
UK release date: 06/02/2008
Formats: CD, DIGITAL
Status: Out Now
  1. You’ve Got A Friend To Lean On
  2. Let’s Watch The Sunrise
  3. The Way That You Paint It
  4. Moves On The Screen
  5. Pictures (Too Big to Fit In A Sight)
  6. Days Come And Go
  7. Step In Concrete
  8. New Beginnings
  9. Summer Again




Days Come and Go is the debut album from Mockingbird, Wish Me Luck an 8-piece indie-pop orchestra from Angelholm, Sweden (preceded by the limited single ‘Pictures (Too Big To Fit In A Sight)‘). Written by brothers in the band Daniel and Niklas Wennergren, everything has done without any outside help and in the true DIY indie spirit – drums were recorded in their rehearsal room and almost everything else in their parents’ apartment. Despite their admittance that “nobody really knew which buttons to push”, by the time Blow Up Records made contact, they had recorded quite a compilation of songs. These songs, along with some newly recorded tracks, form their debut album Days Come And Go. When the album was complete, Daniel and Niklas flew to London to mix the album at The Premises in Hackney with Nick Terry.

The debut went on to make the top five list of albums of the year for Sweden’s national newspaper Sydsvenskan and this year they release ‘Leaving For A Day‘ a brand new track, which will be taken from a new edition of the album which will be expanded to include additional tracks.



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