Full English Beat Breakfast

Big Boss Man

Cat. No: BU050
UK release date: 09/07/2009
Formats: CD, LP, DIGITAL
Status: Out Now
  1. Triumph Of The Olympian
  2. Beat Breakfast
  3. Black Eye (I Believed In Love)
  4. Full Brazilian
  5. C’est Moi
  6. Clown Face
  7. VIP 233
  8. Hairy Mary
  9. Pies And Pastiche
  10. Vampyros Twist
  11. Trilby Of Fun
  12. Slap Head’s Demise
  13. The Bloater
  14. Luna 2


Vinyl is extra tasty!


Big Boss Man released their third album ‘Full English Beat Breakfast‘ in September 2009. Recorded by the band at their Ramshackle studio and mixed by Nick Terry (Klaxons, SMD) at Studio 2 at The Premises, Hackney, London.

Making good use of their extensive collection of vintage (and temperamental) gear for Full English Beat Breakfast. Head honcho Nasser (a.k.a the Bongolian) plays mini-VIPFarfisa and Hammond organs, Wurlitzer piano, Moog synths and drums and percussion. Whilst driving fuzz guitar and bass beat is provided by bassman Scott Milsom “the Hawk” and guitarist Trev Harding. The band once again created a superb spaced-out selection of prime 60’s inspired dance floor tracks: Northern Soul vibes with ‘Black Eye‘, garage sounds with ‘The Bloater‘, Boogaloo with ‘Pies and Pastiche‘ and even samba with ‘Full Brazilian‘.



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