Baltic Fleet

Baltic Fleet

Cat. No: BU041
UK release date: 03/10/2008
Formats: CD, DIGITAL
Status: Out Now
  1. Baltic Intro
  2. Black Lounge
  3. 3 Dollar Dress
  4. Castellon Theme
  5. 48 Hour Drive (Boston)
  6. Reykjavik Promise
  7. Pebble Shore
  8. Double Door
  9. Red Skies And Factories
  10. Hammer Blow
  11. Berlin 8mm Deep
  12. To Chicago
  13. The Design



Whilst on a World Tour playing keyboards for Echo and the Bunnymen Paul Fleming began to write what would come to be his self-titled debut album. With a laptop and any instruments that were to hand he would capture, in music, what inspired him in each city around the world; from Texas to Barcelona to Berlin to Copenhagen to Reykjavik and back to the UK in Brighton. In hotel rooms, tour buses, planes, at the end of radio sessions and sound-checks, every opportunity was taken to record.

The album was picked for inclusion in the monthly Rough Trade Record Club, and Rough Trade placed it at No.29 in their Top 50 Albums of 2008 (Rough Trade East store manager Spencer made it his 2nd favourite album of 2008). Baltic Fleet was also invited to play at Rough Trade East’s 1st Birthday Celebrations, following on from his in-store performance in April for ‘Record Store Day’. He was also invited to Amsterdam’s annual ‘London Calling’ Festival at the Paradiso Club, sharing the bill with Ipso Facto, Chrome Hoof, Mystery Jets and The Ting Tings.



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