Cat. No: BU067
UK release date: 06/04/2012
Status: Out Soon
  1. Freefall
  2. Dancing
  3. The Lights Are Coming Down
  4. Get Off The Bus
  5. I Can’t Cry
  6. Gathering
  7. Alive
  8. Shallow Moon
  9. Lost In Sound
  10. I Don’t Need To Know You Love Me



When Fay Hallam played live at Blow Up and was introduced to Blow Up’s very own recording artist, Mr Nasser Bouzida AKA ‘The Bongolian’, little did they know that they would shortly get together to create the album ‘Lost in Sound’.

Both Fay and Nasser share a serious passion for 60’s Hammond Beat and Soul. In the studio, they felt free to experiment with different sounds and rhythms, immersing themselves in the sounds they both love, including Bossa Nova, heavier 70’s grooves and a strong Northern Soul influence. During the months they worked on the recordings, Fay would bring the basic songs into the studio, and along with Nasser, flesh out the arrangements. Their choice of instruments included mainly old Rhodes, Wurlitzer and Hammond C3 keyboards and other vintage equipment, mixing things up with some cool cinematic synth. sounds. As the sessions developed, the songs kept flowing; finally resulting in the album being completed in London where it was mixed by Miles Clarke (The Who / Pete Townsend engineer), with additional mixing and mastering by Nick Bennett.

Get ready to get Lost in Sound…



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