Mockingbird, Wish Me Luck

Debut Release:
June 2008

Blow Up Cat. No.s:
BU096, BU086, BU077, BU072, BU061, BU052, BU046, BU043

"Think The Concretes with strings and a folky/indie edge. Grand songs, delivered well" Stool Pigeon

"Lovely, gentle folk inspired indie pop that invokes the idea of Jens Lekman fronting Belle & Sebastian. Simple as that" indieMP3

"Wry but sincere hometown poetry" NME

"An album to pay attention to" AllMusic


Mockingbird, Wish Me Luck are an 8-piece pop-orchestra from Ängelholm, Sweden. Their debut album Days Come and Go made the top five list of albums of the year for Sweden's national newspaper Sydsvenskan and this year they release 'Leaving For A Day' a brand new track, which will be taken from a new edition of their debut which will be expanded to include additional tracks.

Ever since the age of fourteen Daniel Wennergren has been writing songs. In 2003 he teamed up with his younger brother Niklas to become the musical force behind the pop collective which would come to be called Mockingbird, wish me luck (after the Charles Bukowski poetry collection). They and the other steady members got together through a common vision of a different sound ideal and sincere lyrics. Anyone who wanted was welcome to join but as Ängelholm is quite small they soon found that there were only eight people who liked this kind of music! As well as Daniel on bass and Niklas on guitar, there is Gustaf on drums and keys, percussion, woodwind and brass are covered by Cecilia, Clara, Fredrik and Staffan. They do like to swap instruments though, and everyone provides the harmonies to the soaring vocals of singer Joakim.

Over the next few years, without reference to the outside world, the band began to record their songs, just a few at a time (they have described themselves as "the slowest recording band ever"). Everything was done without any help and in the true DIY indie spirit - drums were recorded in their rehearsal room and almost everything else in their parents apartment. Despite their admittance that "nobody really knew which buttons to push", by the time Blow Up Records made contact, they had quite a collection of songs - both beautiful and unforgettable. They decided to put these together, along with some new tracks, to form their debut album Days Come And Go. When the recording was complete, Daniel and Niklas flew to London for additional production and mixing at The Premises in Hackney with Nick Terry (Klaxons, SMD).

The result is a genuine sounding record that is sure to sit comfortably next to Belle & Sebastian, David & the Citizens, Jens Lekman and Bright Eyes in your collection.



Days Come And Go
BU043 : CD/Digital

Singles & EPs

BU096 : Digital
Bought And Wrapped
BU086 : Digital
This Year
BU077 : Digital
Leaving For A Day
BU072 : Digital
Let's Watch The Sunrise
BU061 : Digital
Moves On The Screen
BU052 : Digital
Pictures (Too Big To Fit In A Sight)
BU046 : Ltd. 7"/Digital