Blow Up Presents Exclusive Blend Series

Series First Release:
August 1996

Series Cat. No.s:
BU006, BU011, BU019, BU024

"Blow Up! The London cottage industry that pretty much kick-started the Euro-Library movement"BIG DADDY

"One of the first sets to ever explore the rare treasure trove of grooves from the sound library scene" DUSTY GROOVE

"One of the most important achievements by Blow Up DJs was the rediscovery of rare Sixties library music. This album is packed with such rare and previously unheard music from the likes of easy listening masters as Keith Mansfield and Alan Hawkshaw of The Mohawks, as well as plenty of funky instrumental numbers and sitar grooves. If this doesn't make you want to don your sharpest Sixties garb and shimmy with the best of them, then nothing will" AMAZON.CO.UK

Introduction To The Series

When Volume 1 was released in 1996, the idea of a compilation of 60s and 70s music library tracks never intended for commercial release seemed a little unusual. However, over a decade later the genre is still popular, vindicated by similar compilations from other labels, and a new wave of dedicated collectors and fans (including a cult following overseas, especially in Japan). 3 volumes on, the series remains a ground-breaking introduction to the world of the music library, as well as reflecting the diverse music that can be heard at London's famous Blow Up club.

volumes 1 & 2 reissued!

After a long wait during which saw some copies fetch silly prices on eBay, Volumes 1 & 2 have finally been reissued including a brand new pressing on vinyl. Compiled by Blow Up founder and main DJ Paul Tunkin, Volume 1 features Hammond-heavy classics from the KPM music library, and Volume 2 yet more dancefloor-friendly cuts from the KPM, De Wolfe, Amphonic and Sylvester music. Essential for DJs and collectors alike.

The main writers featured on these albums (aka KPM ALLSTARS) were recently invited to perform this year at JARVIS COCKER'S MELTDOWN festival in June.

"The whole problem with library music was that it is always considered naff by those who write it. I knew differently because I was a working producer in both ITV and subsequently BBCTV and used library music frequently as part of my programme-making equipment and I knew what real musical quality the halls of this strange musical genre embraced.
My enthusiasm for the medium started with a general wonderment for the music of Trevor Duncan at the age of nineteen, although by then I had already composed my first few titles for KPM by then. Duncan seemed as original an composer as I would ever encounter. His music was so utterly useable.
But more than that. The library composers I was to later use on programmes were writers of the first order. It was I who selected the theme, now used to Mastermind, from a KPM disc. I think it was by Neil Richardson We used it as a weekly theme on a "funny" on Braden's Week on BBC1. "Mastermind' took it up subsequently. It is an effective piece of writing of the first order.
Paul Tunkin has continued my enthusiasms. What he has done is to mine a vein of commercial music that no one else has done. No one thought that library music, on it's own, would have a commercial appeal. Paul thought that it would - and how right he was! It is an Aladdin's cave of period treasures - entirely unique as genre But musically very rich indeed."
James Clarke (Wild Elephants/Blow Up A-Go-Go Composer) 2007

Series Releases

Volumes 1 – 4

Blow Up Presents Exclusive Blend Volume 1 sleeve
Volume 1
BU006 : CD/LP/Digital
Blow Up Presents Exclusive Blend Volume 2 sleeve
Volume 2
BU011 : CD/DLP/Digital
Blow Up Presents Exclusive Blend Volume 3 sleeve
Volume 3
BU019 : CD/DLP/Digital
Blow Up Presents Exclusive Blend Volume 4 sleeve
Volume 4
BU024 : CD/DLP